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Ambassador   AC

price per KM: 9.50
price per hour: 80.00
4 Hour 40 KM: 475.00
8 Hour 80 KM: 900.00
DriverBatta: 150
Description: The Hindustan Ambassador is a car manufactured by Hindustan Motors of India. It has been in production since 1948 with few modifications or changes and is based on the Morris Oxford III model first made by the Morris Motor Company at Cowley, Oxford in the United Kingdom from 1946 to 1959. Despite its British origins, the Ambassador is considered as a definitive Indian car and is fondly called "The king of Indian roads". The automobile is manufactured by Hindustan Motors at its Uttarpara plant near Kolkata, West Bengal. It was the most popular car in India and is perceived to be best suited to the harsh Indian terrain due to its very good suspension. Its iconic status was helped by the fact that it was the preferred means of conveyance of Indias political leadership, including the Prime Minister of India, before they moved on to other luxury cars and SUVs. In 2002, then-Indian PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee started traveling in an armored BMW 7 Series for security purposes. However, some prominent Indian politicians, such as Sonia Gandhi, continue with their preference for the Hindustan Ambassador.
  • Distance, Date & Timings will be calculated from Office.
  • For outstation trip minimum 250 Kms (Out Station) otherwise the same will be charged.
  • Day mean calendar day.
  • Our Management is not taking responsibility for loss of luggage or baggage.
  • For outstation trip, driver batta will be charged, after 10.00p.m extra will be charged.
  • Customer has to pay parking charges, toll gate charges, State Permit and any other charges imposed by concerned authority.
  • Contraband /Hazardous /Weapons / Inflammable materials/ Fire arms etc., are not allowed to carry while using our fleets/cabs.
  • Please make the payment within 15 days from the date of receipt .
  • Any legal disputes should be handled within (Karnataka) Bangalore Jurisdictions.