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Maruti Esteem   AC

price per KM: 10.00
price per hour: 95.00
4 Hour 40 KM: 750.00
8 Hour 80 KM: 1300.00
DriverBatta: 150
Description: Maruti Esteem occupies a prominent place in the portfolio of sedan cars in India. power Appreciated for its packed performance and safety features, Maruti Esteem served as the car of the affluent for a long time. The cars strengths include low running costs and smooth and powerful engine. A pretty reliable car, Maruti Esteem has been around for several years.
  • Distance, Date & Timings will be calculated from Office.
  • For outstation trip minimum 250 Kms (Out Station) otherwise the same will be charged.
  • Day mean calendar day.
  • Our Management is not taking responsibility for loss of luggage or baggage.
  • For outstation trip, driver batta will be charged, after 10.00p.m extra will be charged.
  • Customer has to pay parking charges, toll gate charges, State Permit and any other charges imposed by concerned authority.
  • Contraband /Hazardous /Weapons / Inflammable materials/ Fire arms etc., are not allowed to carry while using our fleets/cabs.
  • Please make the payment within 15 days from the date of receipt .
  • Any legal disputes should be handled within (Karnataka) Bangalore Jurisdictions.