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Toyota Qualis   AC

price per KM: 9.00
price per hour: 140.00
4 Hour 40 KM: 850.00
8 Hour 80 KM: 1600.00
DriverBatta: 150
Description: The Toyota Qualis brings along with it Toyotas formidable reputation for reliability and value and brings great joy to the many that had to tolerate Indias poor existing range of utility vehicles that were unreliable, uncomfortable, and noisy and were hard to drive. The qualis is roughly the size of a Sumo with sensible clean lines and a big top-hinged rear hatch. The 175mm tyres are on smal 14 inch wheel rims that make city driving crisp and very easy but have enough clearance for rough roads. The power plant is a well proven diesel fired 75 bhp 2446 cc L2 engine that provides smooth acceleration without the harsh noisiness of most diesels. With a big torque of fifteen point four kgm at 2400 rpm, it has a very snappy pick-up and will match the speed of most cars upto 90 kmph but can hit a top speed of 130.rance for the rough roads.
  • Distance, Date & Timings will be calculated from Office.
  • For outstation trip minimum 250 Kms (Out Station) otherwise the same will be charged.
  • Day mean calendar day.
  • Our Management is not taking responsibility for loss of luggage or baggage.
  • For outstation trip, driver batta will be charged, after 10.00p.m extra will be charged.
  • Customer has to pay parking charges, toll gate charges, State Permit and any other charges imposed by concerned authority.
  • Contraband /Hazardous /Weapons / Inflammable materials/ Fire arms etc., are not allowed to carry while using our fleets/cabs.
  • Please make the payment within 15 days from the date of receipt .
  • Any legal disputes should be handled within (Karnataka) Bangalore Jurisdictions.